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August 3, 2015

Book Review: How Jesus Became God


  Bart Ehrman is back and this time he explores how a peasant, itinerant preacher from Galilee became the God of Christianity. His book, How Jesus Became God: The Exaltation of a Jewish Preacher from Galilee , Ehrman begins with an understanding of the world in which Jesus lived. He reveals the beliefs of the time, both Jewish and pagan. Setting the stage this way, his readers are able to understand the way the first followers of Jesus saw god and religion. But more importantly, Ehrman exposes what Jesus thought about himself. Ehrman shows, with great scholarship, how Jesus never saw …continue reading

The Stupidest Thing I Read Today

Jesus Talking to Dude

A Christian meme is finding its way around Facebook. It involves a hypothetical conversation with God. This is perhaps the worst explanation of why bad things happen – and really nothing listed on this is even bad. Read the stupidity. Me: God, can I ask You a question? God: Sure Me: Promise You won’t get mad God: I promise Me: Why did You let so much stuff happen to me today? God: What do u mean? Me: Well, I woke up late God: Yes Me: My car took forever to start God: Okay Me: at lunch they made my sandwich …continue reading

Bible Logic: Gays Are Not Natural But Talking Snakes Are


I love the above image because an all-knowing God doesn’t know where Adam and Eve are. Duh! Another excerpt from the Facebook debate: Me: Evolution isn’t chance. Maybe a talking snake and man made from mud and woman made from a rib makes more sense. Christian: If you look up the Hebrew translation of Genesis, the “talking snake” is a mistranslation of “shining one” as in Lucifer (covered in God’s glory), I don’t need to prove it that’s between you and God, I thought this was an intelligent debate, and it’s His universe He can feel however He wants about anything. …continue reading

I Don’t Know, Therefore God


The Argument from Ignorance. The God of the Gaps. Theists become so smug when they use this tactic in a debate. But it doesn’t help their side one bit. The thinking is that if we don’t know than it must be God. If a theist asks what was there before the Big Bang and an atheists is honest and answers “I don’t know” the theists says, “A-ha!” They think they won the argument. If we don’t know, it is possible that God did it, right? Just because we say that something is possible doesn’t make it true. It is also …continue reading

“You have faith that the sun will rise.”


I always feel I have to take a stand and there’s always someone on hand to hate me for standing there I always feel I have to open my mouth and every time I do I offend someone somewhere – Ani DiFranco Once again I opened my big, fat mouth on Facebook and once again I offended people. People probably think that I am trying to start trouble, but I am not. I am simply posting things on Facebook that I think about or agree with. But being an atheist this gets me in trouble quick. Now, mind you, if …continue reading

5 things you can do for Boston that is more effective than Prayer.


A day after the tragic bombings at the Boston Marathon, still many questions remain unanswered. While some people jump to conclusions blaming Muslims, as of now we do not know the who or why. But one thing that we know for certain, prayer does not work. If there was a god who was able to listen to prayer and do something after the fact, he would have been much more helpful in preventing the tragedy. So don’t waste your time using magical telepathic power to help, which is basically doing nothing.  Here are some things you can do instead that …continue reading

Did Jesus Exist? Carrier vs. Ehrman


I have read books by Bart D. Ehrman and Richard Carrier. I respect them both. But while Erhman’s belief that Jesus did exist rests safely within scholarly consensus, Richard Carrier is breaking new ground by challenging that assertion. But he does so with great scholarly research and not just wild, unfounded theories. Richard Carrier challenged Bart Ehrman’s latest book Did Jesus Exist?: The Historical Argument for Jesus of Nazareth with a series of blogs between both authors. You can read the recap here. I have heard the general consensus that Jesus did exist from many scholars besides Ehrman. But honestly, it …continue reading

Jesus is a Big, Fat Pussy


Instagram has become very popular in the elementary school my children attend. We police everything they post and comment on as well as make sure their accounts are private and they only follow/are followed by people they know. That said, I am not comfortable with children using social media. I am almost ready to just take it away. What the kids do often is tell others to repost what they post. Same shit as Facebook, “repost if you agree” shit. But with kids, they seem to repost things just because they are friends. So my son had reposted this ridiculous …continue reading

Believers are Boring Me


I have been enjoying spring break but I find myself returning to blogging with nothing intellectually challenging from believers. For the past month, I have been seeing the same topic come up that atheism is a religion. Over and over believers keep pushing this clearly incorrect agenda. A month ago I debunked this statement. You can read that blog here. I have debated many believers online and it has become too easy to prove them wrong. The reason they fail is because they have no evidence to support any of the statements they claim. So I will be returning to the …continue reading